Hello + Nice To Meet You!

meet Jake

Hi there! I am Jake Mitchell.

My family and I are Atlanta, Georgia natives. When I was nine we joined the IMB (International Mission Board). Over the course of my middle and high school career we alternated living in several different Latin countries and the USA.

While in PerĂº my passion for photography grew, but it all started when I was fourteen. I had a great interest in computers and their function. In addition to that there was also an artistic side to me and I really enjoyed using my hands to create.

Throughout my latter years in high school and now into adulthood I have realized not only do both of these worlds collide in photography and film making but I believe I have also found a craft for which I have a perfectly blended aptitude. I felt a strong connection to the art and science of photography and a few years later videography as well.

Less than a decade ago this was nothing more than a hobby of mine. Since then, I have continued to educate myself to become the very skilled photographer and videographer that I am today.

I am married to the coolest and most rad woman ever. Read below to meet her.


meet Victoria

Hey friends! I am Victoria Mitchell and I am one of twenty-two people. Okay, technically, one of six hilarious kids... and five wonderful in-laws ... and then there's my nine adorable nieces and nephews...  my - sweet and too cute for words - parents... last but certainly not least, my wonderful husband. I am telling you about my family first because that's my favorite part of my life and how I initially answer the question, "so, Victoria, what's your story?"

Next, I will go on to tell you about Jake and how much I adore that kid. I will be excited to tell you the funny way we met while he was second-shooting At a wedding and how we did not see each other again for another year a half until we reconnected at a friend's going away party (before they moved to Portland). Then, two days later Jake and I started dating.

At some point I will find my way to telling you about YWAM - Youth With A Mission - and when I experienced Malaysia during the Chinese New Year.

Without a moments notice I will subtly, yet passionately, state some fun facts about my favorite band, Paramore". - If you don't know, you really should know! 

Lastly, I will say, "so, my husband and I are photographers and videographers".

That's how I want you to know me - family, missions, music, then business.

Overall, I want you to see and hear joy - which is my middle name. When you tell me about your vision for your life I will be your biggest cheerleader and remind you of how much God loves you and is for you!

My role at JVPV - that's what I call us for short -  is to direct, organize, and smile. The way Jake feels like photography and videography are a part of him - I believe God gave me the skill to help manage a home and a business.

To say the very least - women are wonderful caregivers, so you can expect only the utmost from me.